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Thinking Outside The Box

Statistics Say Voluntering Keeps You Happier And Live Longer
So Let Us Help You Help Us Help Kids

We could aways use help with the paperwork
Thats a dyslexic thing

We need our own office
So we can say Come to Office
And not mean the Principals Office

We could stock our office with books about dyslexia
That would help non-dyslexics
And load up with videos
Thats for Us-dyslexics

We have a web site to read about us and understand dyslexia
Great for non-dyslexics
We are learning about putting video on our web site
Great for dyslexics
Our links has both
Great for everyone

We have a crew setting up to talk to students
We will be filming as we go

We have silly boat crew
Or a silly crew with a boat          
or both

If you have a skill come play with us
If you have no skill come play with us
Its that easy

Scott Smith  


                 You are on the right page with the" wrong" spelling
                                                        Dislexia is Dyslexia

            You don't have to be Dislexic or Dyslexic to be on this page

                                   Discover Dislexia or Dyscover Dyslexia


                            This page is to help those that search for
                                           What is Dislexia
                                              Am i Dislexic
                                              Dislexia tests
                                          Is my child Dislexic
                                         Problems with Dislexia

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We are a Registered non-profit making company S-48348 (Victoria).
We are also a Registered Charity 86073 9432 RR0001 (Ottawa)

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