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A Dyslexic Can Be An Asset and an Excellent Team Player

Holistic Learning Style

  • Uses global approach to problem solving.
  • Personalizes learning.
  • Uses individual 'props' to aid understanding.
  • Needs overall picture as a guide to learning right from the start - fits in detail much later on.
  • Needs to 'work ahead' to get an overview of the topic as a whole from the begining.
  • Very fast thinker thinks in pictures not words.
  • Excellent overview capabilities.
  • Excellent problem solvers.
  • Must use one learning style not multiple.

Intuitive Thinker

  • Part of the process of holistic thinking - 'knows' the answer through making associations and personal knowledge or thought, rather than systematic working out.

Strong Visual/Spatial Thinker

  • Can use "a form of thought in which images are generated or recalled in the mind and are manipulated, overlaid, translated, associated with other similar forms. They can be rotated, increased or reduced in size, distorted, or otherwise transformed gradually from one familiar image into another" (Thomas G. West).
  • Responds to visual/spatial patters (for example, a keyboard).
  • But has difficulty in articulating it ... I know what I want to say but dont know how to say it.

Concrete Learner

  • Sometimes needs to feel materials before writing or reading about the topic or try something out.
  • Good at 'hands on' practical skills.
  • Learns better from actively investigating subject rather than passively sitting back and hearing information.
  • Identify one learning style only that is either Visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

Divergent Thinker

  • Learns from lots of experience and practice rather than generalizations and rules.

Good Spatial Thinker

  • Can use three dimensional space creatively (for example, architects and engineers).


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