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Vancouver Island Dyslexia Association

P.O. Box 761, Station A, Nanaimo,
British Columbia, Canada. V9R 5M2

Our Chairperson                                     

  • A.J. Lomax   

    Alan Lomax is a retired surgeon who now spends his time in volunteer
    activities. After retirement from active surgical practice in 1998 and until
    2007 Dr Lomax was an Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University involved
    in various aspects of research in laparoscopic surgery.
    He is also Associate Proffessor Emiritus in the Department of Surgery at the University of British Columbia.  
    Dr Lomax was previously the Executive Director and founder of a prominent
    Canadian Rotary Club charity involved in disaster relief. Utilizing his
    experience with this charity he believes that, together with the other
    enthousiastic members of the Vancouver Island Dyslexia Association (VIDA)
    team, he can help VIDA become an organization of influence.                                  
  •  alanl
      R.S Smith



       Howie Degraaf
        Julian Fell


         Leaha Argue


        Maria Poague

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We are a Registered non-profit making company S-48348 (Victoria).
We are also a Registered Charity 86073 9432 RR0001 (Ottawa)

Please contact us if you would like to make a DONATION.